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Clean Technologies Building A New Energy Economy

Advanced Materials


The transportation and energy systems that form the backbone of our society are constructed of advanced materials—substances with superior strength, durability, flexibility, or other properties. At Washington State University, researchers examine the composition and properties of materials subjected to high temperatures and pressures, the interface between polymers and natural fibers, and materials for energy transformations. Their research yields improved materials that create new possibilities for the production and storage of energy from sustainable sources, such as solar panels, hydrogen, and more.

Center for Materials Research

Researchers in diverse fields collaborate to find answers to advanced materials problems, using some of the most sophisticated scientific equipment available. Led by Dr. Kelvin Lynn, the Center participates in dozens of areas of research. For example, scientists in the antimatter research facility seek to store large amounts of positrons that could allow for the possibility of antimatter propulsion. A micro power generator developed and patented by Center researchers could eventually compete with batteries in the worldwide market.