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Clean Technologies Building A New Energy Economy

Paccar Environmental Technology Building

The Paccar Environmental Technology Building (PETB) at Washington State University Pullman will be a hub of interdisciplinary research and education in renewable materials, sustainable design, water quality, and atmospheric research.

Housing a wide range of research and education activities, WSU’s leadership in clean technology is helping drive the creation of new construction and agricultural industries that will help reduce the region’s dependence on foreign oil, minimize carbon footprints, and improve air and water quality.

With successful and productive research and education programs across the sciences, engineering, and allied fields, the 96,000 gross-square-foot PETB will bring together disciplines often separated on university campuses. The shared common space provided by this new building will foster the synergy needed to drive innovation and find new solutions to complex problems that can be transferred to industry for commercialization.

The PETB will be constructed using renewable materials and technologies developed at WSU, including wood composites, recycled concrete, and pervious pavement. The PETB will also incorporate water capture and re-use, heat recovery, individual control of air quality factors, maximized daylighting, optimal siting and incorporation into its landscape, along with numerous other features that will make it the “greenest” building built to date on the WSU Pullman campus.

The PETB is designed to be a technological showcase and model for minimizing the carbon footprint of the built environment. More importantly to those who work and study there, the PETB will be a comfortable, high-quality place to collaborate on the next generation of breakthroughs that will keep the state of Washington’s economy thriving in the 21st century.